Friday, May 22, 2015

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------SHOW / 展示------
SOLO SECO+DAMA DA NOITE presents Pain Chrisantemo at Sao Paulo Brazil 2017
Pain Chrisantemo at China town LA 2017
Pain Chirisantemo at Kid gallery 2016
Red Square by Romantic Press Launched Exhibition at Big Love Tokyo 2015
Pain of Rubia, I am at Big Love Tokyo 2015
Trashion project Launched Exhibition at Big Love Tokyo 2014
Kid Romance at MATA LA 2014

so many my trip photo shows! at Big Love Records 2012 - 2015

------ GROUP SHOW / グループ展------
Collective Delusion, Mass Hysteria @Not Dead Yet at FAITH / VOID Toronto CA 2016
New Gig 3  @ Argument Gallery Tokyo 2016
Collective Delusion, Mass Hysteria @ Everything is not o.k. II: "how do you put a price on garbage?"  
at The Nursery Austin TX 2016
New Gig 2  @ Argument Gallery Tokyo 2015
Ugly Americans @ Kid Tokyo 2015 
Collective Delusion, Mass Hysteria @Living Gallery NY 2015
New Gig @ Argument Gallery Tokyo 2014
Enlargement Show @ Headquarters W.MA 2014

------Curation for Artists / キュレーション------
Jesse Riggins & Fran Allin "Ladies Night" at Yoyogi Village 2014
Vinnie Smith "Speedy Mobile" at Num Tokyo 2014
Cali Thornhill Dewitt "Los Angeles Times" at Big Love Tokyo 2012

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